Welcome to the Kennel Club Program

What's the Kennel Club Program?

Our Rewards Program, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards and more ways to unlock exciting perks.

How does it work?

When you register, you will get 50 Pedigree Points, and you will keep on earning Pedigree Points for each order you place, for each friend who you refer to our store, and if you like our page on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

The more the Pedigree Points you have, the more the gifts you can turn your Pedigree Points into.

You will start being a "Good Boy". When you will reach 500 Pedigree Points on your account, you will become the "Pick of the Litter". At 1500 Pedigree Points, you'll achieve "Pedigree".

The ultimate tier is the "Best in Show", at 2500 Pedigree Points.

Of course, the higher your tier, the faster you can earn Pedigree Points, and the more exciting your gifts can be.

You can also refer our store to your friends, get rewarded by extra Pedigree Points, and they get a 10% discount on their first order (if they register, they will start also getting Pedigree Points).

Here are some more details about how to earn Pedigree Points and how to redeem them, and a FAQ section.

Now that you know how this works, you can go ahead, click on the icon at the bottom left of the page and join our program...

Welcome to the Kennel Klub.


How to earn Pedigree Points


How to redeem your Pedigree Points



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register to the Rewards Program?


It's easy to do, it takes 2 minutes. You will have an account, where you can track all your orders, your address, your Pedigree Points, and turn them into awesome gifts. If you have been using an email address for your past orders, you should create an account with the same email address and add a Password, so that you can be awarded with all your previous Pedigree Points.


How about my personal data protection?

We understand that you are worried about your personal data privacy (name, address, email address, date of birth). However, as a small Artist-run business, we do not have any connection with any secret services or big companies who might want to know more about you. Thus, we are only using these data for our internal use (market analysis, loyalty program points), and we will never share them or sell them to anyone outside of our small business.


I've already purchased on Artiphany before, will I get Pedigree Points for previous orders?


Our team looked carefully at all our previous orders (as far as they could track them), and made the calculations of the Pedigree Points you are entitled to get. They added the Pedigree Points for being already a registered member. If you are (or were) using 2 different email addresses, let us know and we'll combine all Pedigree Points in one unique email address (you might reach a higher tier by combining them).


I've already liked/followed Artiphany on Facebook/Instagram. Will I get Pedigree Points for that?


As earning Pedigree Points by following us on Facebook and/or Instagram is possible only once, we decided to give extra 20 Pedigree Points to all our existing customers, on the day this program was launched. 


What will I get when I keep liking the posts of Artiphany on Facebook/Instagram?


You will only earn Pedigree Points when you like/follow our pages on Facebook/Instagram. When you like our posts, this shows us what you expect and gives us some ideas about what exclusive offers we can come up with to meet your expectations, as a special customer.


What will I get if I reach a higher tier?

The higher the tier, the faster you can earn Pedigree Points

The more Pedigree Points you have, the more gifts you can get.

If you become a "Best in show", you will get the ultimate reward: Artiphany Surprise Box.


Is it possible to redeem Pedigree Points for one of the rewards of a lower tier?

Of course.

When you reach the "Pedigree" level for example, you will still be able to redeem the rewards you earned as a "Pick at the litter", and get additional new gifts.

The "Best in show"members have access to ALL our program's rewards.


What's the Artiphany Surprise Box?

If you're a "Best in show", you'll receive a special Surpise Box. Our team will look at all your previous orders, and make a selection of several gifts, especially designed for you, based on your preferences (if you're a cat lover, you will get different rewards than if you're a Dog lover for instance). This reward is worth 100€ on our store.


Do my Pedigree Points expire?

Pedigree Points expire after one year. When you redeem a reward, the Pedigree Points used are always the oldest ones (example : you earn 1000 Pedigree Points in May 2021 and 1000 in July 2021, and you redeem a reward worth 1500 Pedigree Points in September 2021. In June 2022, you will still have 500 Pedigree Points on your account).


When I redeem my Pedigree Points, will I be downgraded to a lower tier?

Having reached at some point a higher tier means that you are already a special customer. It doesn't matter if you redeemed your Pedigree Points or not, you will always get the advantages and rewards of the highest tier you have reached in the past. For instance, if at some point you had 1500 Pedigree Points and used 1200 of them, you will still be a "Pedigree".


Can I use more than one Coupon for a unique order?

Unfortunately no.

You can use only one Coupon per order, and you will keep earning Pedigree Points for your next order. Then, you can choose another Coupon.


Can I refer more than a friend?

- Of course, you will get free Pedigree Points for each first order of a referred friend (30 Pedigree Points if you're a "Good Boy" member, 40 if you're a 3Pick at the litter", 50 if you're a "Pedigree" and 70 if you're a "Best in show"). Besides, all your friends will get a 10% discount on their first order.